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The untold story of LiveOlympiad technology evolution

History is not just the evolution of technology; it is the evolution of thought

~ James Redfield

LiveOlympiad tablet-driven assessment lab as we know it today started five years ago, in form of a thought; very small, very naive! Here is the story of this baby turning into a beast…


Idea taking birth

It was a warm summer in year 2013, when an IIT professional took his son for a competitive exam. While waiting for his son to complete the test, he felt that there was so much that could be done to improve testing standards.

Idea Conception

Magical ignition

With absolutely no technical readiness, the idea of tablet-driven Olympiad was quickly packaged in form of a pamphlet and was proposed to a renowned School for test-marketing and idea validation. The Principal loved this idea and immediately offered over 800 students from the school

Idea Validation

Point of no return

The IIT professional was excited about the acceptance of this idea. And was equally scared. It did not take long to realize that translating this idea into reality would not be a meagre task. Despite limited resources, R & D team was put in place to attack the problem.

Idea yet, not reality !

First assessment lab prepared

A lot of development effort… apps adapted to run on tablets… server and networking setup prepared to manage bulk load. After lots of toil, things looked like working in the office setup.

Rudimentary stages

Multiple failures, little respite

Five major failures took place within the first three months of test delivery at schools. However, schools at the receiving end dealt with a positive spirit and gave a second chance

Going was tough

Success and challenges continue

During the initial two years, conducting an event at school felt like the GOF team on a satellite mission. An R & D team always on its toes to deal with something unexpected. Anytime, anywhere…

It was like launching a satellite

Continuous refinement

Third and fourth year of LiveOlympiad saw great improvement & enhancement in terms of technical efficiency and service automation. The platform started to run as smooth as butter. Multiple tests being conducted concurrently at various places, with zero noise!

Refinement & Sophistication

True blessing

The current state of LiveOlympiad technology has now evolved into a highly advanced delivery model. A lab operated by a single technician, conducts test events at schools and automatically makes all results and advanced reports available to Students, Parents, Schools and related stakeholders on their mobile phone apps. Everything happening real-time… What a blessing !

Cloud based
Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your innovations.

~ Steve Jobs