Highlights of LiveOlympiad 2017

Up-to 400 tests per school, per day. Overall 40000 in 2 months

Test life-cycle duration in the delivery of LiveOlympiad and STEP Olympiad is less than six hours for a school student.

Mentioned below are the standard performance metrics of the tablet-based assessment labs that were used in the program delivery last year


400 tests per day per school

Each tablet-lab used last year successfully delivered up-to 400 assessments per school during the school’s working hours.

Productivity per school

14 States, 88 Cities

The program was delivered across India and UAE in 14 regions (States) and 88 cities

Geographic Outreach

300 plus schools

Program was delivered to over 300 schools in the regions mentioned above

School count

7 Delivery Teams

Total of seven teams implemented the program delivery across all schools and all regions


60 Days

All examinations across all the schools and regions were conducted within a span of 60 working days by the seven delivery teams

Test Window