Highlights of LiveOlympiad 2018

Know all that it takes to sign up a school for LiveOlympiad program

Five simple steps to sign up your school for LiveOlympiad, THE HINDU STEP Olympiad programs


You need a Program Kit

Claim program kit for your school that constitutes of the program information brochure, necessary details and printed-circulars to be sent to parents of all students in grades I – X

Step 1

Ordering Program Kit

To order the Program Kit for your school, take either one of the following steps: 1. Fill the online request: Claim your Program Kit. Contact a Regional Coordinator. Choose the one who is nearest to your location. To view the list of our coordinators, visit: List of our Regional Coordinators

Step 2

Program Promotion at school

Use the printed-circulars to educate parents of all students from grades I – X. We’ll provide you with sufficient number of circulars to be distributed to all students. Our Regional Coordinator closely works with school in-charge to assist in promotion as and when required

Step 3

Prepare Student Enrollment Summary

After collecting the student registration forms and fee from all participants, fill in the “Student Registration Summary Form” and share this information with our Regional coordinator

Step 4

Submission of Forms

Our Regional Coordinator assists you in submitting the student enrollment forms and registration fee through our secure payment protocol. This leads to the enrollment of your students in the LiveOlympiad, STEP English Olympiad programs and issuance of the practice kits

Step 5

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