Key Differentiators

Online Olympiads made an unconditional reality for all !

LiveOlympiad has been a tremendous opportunity for students to get exposure to the most modern-day global practices in Education Psychology and Assessment Automation. The program has set new standards and benchmarks in the Education industry.

This initiative led to the inclusion of schools from not only metropolitan cities but also from rural and sub-urban geographies. Mentioned below are some special achievements:


3000 trees saved

Till-date, having tested over 2 Lakh students using its tablets, this initiative has saved cutting down of nearly 4000 trees.

Eco-friendly initiative

Implementation at technology-deprived schools

Through its technical prowess, the program effectively contributed in rural and sub-urban areas, where schools had little or no IT resources and very minimal exposure to digital form of learning / teaching. So far, 40% of work has been done in backward areas for schools and students that are deprived of IT facilities

Social contribution

NASSCOM rewards for Social Innovation

Technology wing of LiveOlympiad, received special recognition by NASSCOM for social contribution through an innovative assessment platform

NASSCOM recognises for Innovation

Redefining Industry Standards

Use of technology and play-way method in preparation and execution of an Olympiad has not only redefined the concept of an Olympiad, it ignited greater interest and enthusiasm in students towards the the spirit of competition and learning. Ability to produce “live tracking of test results and student performance reports”, has made the platform truly special

Innovation redefining standards

Tremendous market reach-out

The program has spread out in diverse geographies across rural, sub-urban and metro cities in India & abroad

Market reach-out