For School Coordinators

Empowering Schools to Participate and Excel

The Hindu STEP LiveOlympiad is a national-level competition that aims to identify and nurture talent in students across the country. By participating in LiveOlympiad, your school can give its students the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete with the best minds in the country. Moreover, the program provides a platform for schools to promote academic excellence and encourage healthy competition among students
Steps To Follow

How to Participate?

You may have already received an Email and / or WhatsApp from LiveOlympiad on your School registration details and School code. However if you have not received it so far, here’re the steps you need to take in order to get started.

STEP - 1

Fill the registration form

Click link and fill the registration form for your school. Provide accurate and complete information to ensure a smooth registration process

STEP - 2

School verification

Our team will verify your school’s details and contact you for any additional information if required

STEP - 3

Getting school code

Once your school is verified, you will receive a unique school code that you can use to access the school personalized program kit

STEP - 4

Accessing & Broadcasting the school personalized program kit

The program kit includes resources for promoting LiveOlympiad in your school, such as pre-made SMS, WhatsApp messages, emails, and educational materials. These can be used to enroll students.

STEP - 5

Students can pay fee online to complete signup

Students can sign up for LiveOlympiad using their school code and guided instructions in the Parent circular (Program kit).

STEP - 6

School management panel with login credentials

Once your school students start signing up, you will receive login credentials to access your school management panel. This panel will provide you with real-time information about student signup progress, and other relevant information

STEP - 7

Ongoing coordination & management

This is arranged and managed by the organizers directly. School is not expected to bother on this front. However we keep the school authorities informed through their login-panel and program notifications (Over whatsapp & email)
As Effortless as Breathing !

Role of Schools

As an institution, you are responsible for promoting The Hindu STEP LiveOlympiad in your school. This includes spreading the word among students and parents and encouraging student participation. The LiveOlympiad team itself takes care of all the logistics and event organization and management, including exam administration, student information management, and other necessary resources to students on the day of the exam

For Top Schools

School Awards and Recognition

At LiveOlympiad, we recognize and reward schools and school coordinators who actively participate in the program and promote academic excellence among students. Schools with a large number of participants or exceptional student performances are eligible for awards and recognition.