Our Journey

LiveOlympiad Journey


LiveOlympiad 2013-14

This was the first year of LiveOlympiad competition. First time ever, an Olympiad was conducted on tablets. 20 Schools and 5000 student participants. GOF transforms a dream into reality !

Year 2013

LiveOlympiad 2014-15

Second year of LiveOlympiad witnessed an increased reachout of the program to five Indian states. With 75 schools and over 21000 student participants, the roots started to strengthen

Year 2014

LiveOlympiad 2015-16

This year saw remarkable boost in participation and advancement in terms of delivery prowess. Program was efficiently delivered to 50000 students from 200 schools across India

Year 2015

LiveOlympiad 2016-17

During this year, LiveOlympiad program confined its reach to 300 schools and close to 70000 participants. A great amount of focus on refinement of year-long practice platform.

Year 2016

LiveOlympiad 2017-18

2017-18 was all about student engagement. This year saw a sudden surge in usage of online practice platform by students from their home. THE HINDU Group joined hands to introduce a tablet-based Olympiad in English. With reachout in UAE, LiveOlympiad also went International this year

Year 2017

LiveOlympiad 2019-20

An year that paves the way for LiveOlympiad to speed up its expansion in India and UAE. A structured, systematic approach, backed up with state-of-the-art automation, should take program growth through a steep elevation. All set to cross the 1 Lakh student base within this session

Year 2018