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India's first, National-level Online Olympiad

LiveOlympiad comprises of three national-level contests in Math, Science, and English, offering an online, AI-proctored platform for students in classes 1-8 across India
Classes 1-8

Subjects for competition

Exam Method: Online, home-based [AI Proctored]
Proctoring: AI-based, systematic online invigilation
Duration: 30 minutes per subject
Exam Fee: One subject Rs. 300; two subjects Rs. 550; all three subjects Rs. 800
Results Date: February 11th, 2024
For Each District

💡 Enrollment Criteria - For Nationals 💡

The same seat allocation criteria stays same for each of the 40 Districts

💡 Please note that participation in the National level exam is limited to a maximum of 1 lakh students across 40 districts, 8 classes, and 3 subjects. Typically, 300 students per class per district are selected for the Nationals. Applying for a paid seat in the Nationals does not guarantee participation. Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to students who participate in the Zonal exams
Steps To Follow

Registering in Nationals

Zonal level participants from each district are required to submit a PAID Participation Intent Form (PPI Form) to secure their enrollment In Nationals.

STEP - 1

Apply In Zonal Level

Complete your Free Zonal Level LiveOlympiad registration (, install LiveOlympiad Mobile App and spend good time practicing on the online study kit.

STEP - 2

Submit PPI Form (Paid Participation Intent Form)

You’ll be notified with the link of PPI form after you have registered yourself in Zonal Level LiveOlympiad Competition. Follow guidelines and submit your intent request

STEP - 3

Online Fee Deposit

Online fee deposit window will be opened only in the month of June 2023. All Zonal Participants who submit PPI form will be given a payment link to pay (Rs 300 per subject) and reserve their seat in the Nationals.

Exam Date

A non-working day within November - December 2023. Enrolled or qualified students will be informed about one’s exact exam date on registered mobile minimum 30 days ahead of the exam

World Class Standards

About National Level Exam

The national level Olympiad exam, Level 2, will take place at a common center in your Zonal district headquarters. The organizers will arrange and manage this venue. You'll take the exam on a tablet device using the same login credentials you use for practice assessments. The exam can only be taken at the exam center using the local wi-fi server

On the exam day, you'll arrive at the center at a specific time and attempt the exam during a 30-minute window per subject. The organizing team will check your hall ticket and photo ID at the gate to validate your entry. You'll be seated in batches of 50 to 80 students depending on the total number of students being tested that day. When one batch finishes, the next batch replaces them for their 30-minute test window. This will continue until all expected students are tested on that day

On the exam day, parents are allowed to accompany their child, but they must wait outside the gate and collect their child once they have completed their exam. An organizing team member will be present at the gate to help guide students to restricted exit areas

The exam is held on a non-working day, usually a Sunday, in November, December 2023, or January 2024

World Class, Online Study Kit

Online Study Kit

Access to World Class, Online study kit provided to all participants for preparation

Comprehensive resource

Study kit includes preparatory and mock assessments to give students real experience

Thorough understanding

Helps participants gain a thorough understanding of exam syllabus and content scope

Familiarisation with questions

Familiarise participants with sample question types, hints, suggestions & model test papers

Mock exam experience

Replica of precise test instances, timer and Online proctoring creates exact same experience

Instilling confidence

Instills confidence and comfort among participants before the actual examination takes place

Shine Like A Star

💰 Awards - Upto 5 million

At The Hindu STEP and LiveOlympiads, we recognize and reward high-achieving students with a range of exciting awards. Our awards program includes cash prizes, tablets, gold and silver medals, as well as certificates of participation, merit, achievement, and excellence. Winners at the zonal, city, and national levels receive significant recognition across thousands of schools through education journals, periodicals, and newsletters

Register (Enrollment)

Enrollment for National level LiveOlympiads will open towards the end of June 2023. There are various criteria for enrollment in National level exams:

Top performers in Zonal level competition will automatically qualify for the Nationals. Eligible students will receive a notification on their registered mobile number and can track their enrollment status using the LiveOlympiad app

The district administration, in consultation with the Government, KV, or Army schools, can nominate eight bright girl students and eight bright disabled students from each district to participate in the Nationals. The organizers will sponsor their entry without any participation fee

Students who are interested in participating in the Nationals but have not participated in the Zonal level competition can book their seat by paying INR 300.00 per subject

Interested students (Zonal Participants or Non-Participants) can submit their application online and receive a confirmed enrollment upon successful payment through a secure online gateway. They can visit the "Enroll for National level" button and follow the instructions to submit their application details and pay the fee