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With LiveOlympiad, Get Exposure To Global Standards

Mathematics, Science & English Olympiads
for Classes I -X

Key Features

How is LiveOlympiad different ?

Tablet-based testing

Tab is given to each child on exam day for participating

Online testing campus

Our servers turns your classroom into a wi-fi test lab

Managed by our experts

A well trained technician conducts testing event

Same day results

No manual intervention in computation of scores

Same day diagnostic reports

Performance analytics reflects key areas of opportunity

Coordinator mobile app

It is a system-driven program coordination for school

Parent mobile app

Parent app guides, informs and also sets up a support system

Bulk testing (Upto 300 per day)

Students from distinct classes & subjects take test in parallel

Self-schedule your consultation session with a LiveOlympiad representative

Fill out the following information and set up a time to talk over Zoom. Once you’re done scheduling, please check your Email for confirmation.

Introductory Session on LiveOlympiad for Schools

30 minutes

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation

This introductory session covers all major aspects of the program from the perspective of School.

You can discuss with our advisor, any specific use cases and scenarios; and can clarify all doubts that you may have. 

This is what you can expect from the LiveOlympiad consultant session

  • Basic Details
    Subject Categories, Classes, Levels of Competition, Award Structure, etc.
  • About Content
    Framework of Content and Evaluation Criteria, Sample Questions, Model Tests
  • Preparatory Material
    Nature of preparatory kit, its usage and its potential value for students
  • Exam Administration
    Scheduling of exam, Planning and execution of exam on the day of competition at school
  • School Benefits
    Advantages of conducting the program

LiveOlympiad Faq

Common questions answered for school coordinators​

What is LiveOlympiad? How is it different from other Olympiads?

LiveOlympiad is a paperless & tech-driven competitive exam in Math, Science & English for Classes I - X. It is termed as LIVE as it is conducted on tablets and it produces immediate test results & analytical performance reports

How is LiveOlympiad Exam conducted in School?

Exam is conducted under the guided supervision of our service team.Our team brings tablets that are distributed to each student in the group for taking assessments. School is expected to provide a hall for setting up the assessment lab. School coordinator is also expected to manage the to & fro movement of students to the hall. All else in the examination hall is managed by our team

When is Olympiad exam conducted?

Exam schedule in LiveOlympiad or The HINDU STEP Olympiad is different for each school. School may choose a convenient date between months of Aug 2022 - Jan 2023. Exam date(s) are finalised based on mutual consensus between the school and .our management team.

What is there in Practice Kits? Can students activate their kit for free?

Practice kits in Math & Science include world-class preparatory content. These are self signup digital kits that parents and students can activate using the information given to them in information circulars. There are no charges for leveraging the kit

How to promote the program at our School. What promotional material do we get?

Leaflets for parent notification and consent are provided to the school. School can claim number of leaflets equivalent to the count of school students for its proper distribution. Additionally, we also share the digital format of information circular

How can School keep a track of student enrollments & payments?

As students sign up, practice or upgrade their license, necessary updates are made available to School coordinator on one's mobile app.

When are LiveOlympiad Exam results published?

Results of Olympiads are generated automatically, without any manual intervention. This is instantly after the exam is completed. This includes qualitative performance reports only. Comparative results are published after the completion of exam at all other schools during the given term

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