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LiveOlympiad Subjects For Competition

Join our Digitally Driven, Globally Benchmarked Olympiads by The Hindu Group & EduLabs! Participate in Maths, Science, and STEP English Olympiad and get a chance to win exciting awards and nationwide recognition.

The Hindu STEP English Olympiad

Comprehension & communication.
Exam Date: 1st October, 2023

LiveOlympiad Mathematics

Beauty of mathematical logic.
Exam Date: 8th October, 2023

LiveOlympiad Science

Making curiosity meet discovery.
Exam Date: 15th October, 2023

LiveOlympiad Mathematics

Beauty of mathematical logic.

LiveOlympiad Science

Making curiosity meet discovery.

The Hindu STEP English Olympiad

Comprehension & communication.


What Participants Get?

Triple Olympiad Subscription
Triple Olympiad Subscription
Subscription in upto 3 Olympiad competitions
Multimedia Study & Olympiads
Multimedia Study & Olympiads
Multimedia (A/V Content) in study
kit & olympiads
Personalised Evaluation Reports
Personalised Evaluation Reports
High quality evaluation &
personalised reports
World-Class Study Kit
World-Class Study Kit
Get Free Online Access to World-
Class study kit license
Mock Assessments for Practice
Mock Assessments for Practice
Series of Mock & Practice assessments with high quality problems
Instant Remedial Guidance
Instant Remedial Guidance
Remedial guidance with instant
results & reports
Million-Worthy Zonal Awards
Million-Worthy Zonal Awards
Entitlement to Zonal awards
over 1 million
Global Standard Content
Global Standard Content
High quality content that match
Global standards
Prestigious Certificates
Prestigious Certificates
Prestigious Participation Certificates to
all from The Hindu Group & EduLabs

Student Benefits

Digital Delivery
Digital Delivery
National level 1 (Online Proctored at Home) & National level 2 (Tablet at Your City’s Exam Centre)
Global Benchmarking
Global Benchmarking
CEFR (STEP English) &
Bloom’s Taxonomy (Maths & Science)
Multimedia Content
Multimedia Content
Audio-Visual Content
Rewards & Recognition
Rewards & Recognition
Cash Awards | Free Entry to Level 2 Nationals | Recognition in National Magazine | Recognition in a National Daily
Rich Preparation Content
Rich Preparation Content
Practice & Mock Tests | Systematic Remedy & Feedback | Hints & Guides
Free Entry to All
Free Entry to All
No Participation Cost
Best Practices
Rich Practice Portal
Proctored Assessment
Same Day Results
Qualitative Reports
Cloud Based Online
Mobile App For Parents

Free Signup On Mobile

Sign up for free from your mobile device and join thousands of students across the country in our Olympiad program.

Zonal Competition (Online Proctored)

Gain a competitive edge in Math, Science & English with our AI-based online proctored Zonal Level Competition. Sign up for free and take the exam from home.

Access To Preparatory Content

Get free access to a comprehensive library of preparatory content to help you prepare for the LiveOlympiad from the convenience of your mobile device.

Zonal Level Rewards & Recognition

Recognize your child's academic excellence at a national level through our Zonal Level Rewards & Recognition program. Top performers will receive exciting rewards and nationwide recognition.

Exam Process

Take the exams from the comfort of your own home. AI-based online proctoring ensures a systematic and secure exam environment. Results will be available on August 31st, 2023.

Unlock Your True Potential

LiveOlympiad Zonal Level Overview

Subjects: Mathematics, Science & English for Classes 1-8
Exam Date: 1st October (English), 8th October (Math) & 15th October (Science)
Exam Method: Computer based, online exam that can be taken from home
Exam Invigilation: AI-based, systematic online proctoring
Syllabus: Age-appropriate content with majority of it from the previous class
Exam Duration: 30 minutes per subject
Participation Fee: No entry fee
Content: Multimedia content with Audio-Video in addition to text & imagery
Results: October 22nd, 2023

Must know for students & parents

Eligibility Criteria | Technical Requirements | Exam Rules

  1. Students must be actively enrolled in a valid educational institution for the academic year 23-24.
  2. Eligible students must be in grades 1-8.
  3. Applicants must be Indian nationals or enrolled in an Indian school or educational institution operating within India.
  4. Students from schools affiliated with national, international, or state boards are eligible to apply.
  1. The LiveOlympiad tests can be played over major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. on desktop and laptop computers.
  2. A high-speed broadband internet connection is required to participate in the Olympiad.
  3. It is recommended to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the exam. In case of a sudden power failure, students can resume the test session from where they exited.
  4. While the LiveOlympiad can be accessed on a tablet device or iPad using a browser, optimal visual experience can be achieved on a desktop or laptop computer.
  5. A silent room is recommended during the exam to minimise distraction.
  1. The webcam and microphone must remain active throughout the exam.
  2. The system/AI will monitor audio, video, and screen movements/inputs.
  3. Participants are not allowed to switch their test window during the 30-minute exam session.
  4. Students can skip a question and attempt it later if needed.
  5. Participants should only look at the screen during the exam and should not look elsewhere or talk to anyone.
  6. No other person should interact with the student during the exam.
  7. The proctoring system will track any unusual activity and document it.
  8. Please refer to our Privacy Policy at
No Entry Fee or Payment

Enrollment Guide for Students & Parents

Use Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct for Student Sign-up
Use Mobile / PC to visit or to get started
Say Hi to LiveOlympiad Bot over FB Messenger or Instagram Direct
Add mobile number & email during the application process to receive important login details
When asked, enter the School Code provided to you by your school authorities
Follow steps shared by LiveOlympiad Bot to complete the Sign up process
Use the login information to access the online preparation kit (study kit)
LiveOlympiad vs Paper-Based Olympiads

Why Digital is the Way to Go

What's different?
Paper-based Olympiads
Delivers rich & interactive , multimedia content
Delivers tests only with text & images
Study Kit
A world-class, online study-kit at no cost
Study material or books at additional charge
Entry Fee
Zero entry fee. No payment required
Entry based on participation fee
Evaluation Criteria
Globally benchmarked assessments
Local, proprietary benchmarking
Same day exam results and ranks
Results take 2-3 months to be declared
Analytical Reports
Remedial with same day diagnostic reports
3 or more months for diagnostic reports
Qualify for Nationals

Rewards & Recognition for top performers

The Hindu STEP LiveOlympiad, first level Zonal exam in July-August 2023 is followed by announcement of results and distribution of awards for the top performers

Cash Awards
To hundreds of toppers
Silver & Gold Medals
To thousands of students participants
Prestigious Certificates to all
To tens of thousands of students
Nation wide Recognition
Across thousands of Schools