• Math & Science OlympiadStyle

    Science & Math Olympiad is a national level competition with school students from classes II - X. One of it kind, the first level contest is either held at school (wi-fi cloud based technology) or at home using internet.
  • 2014 Exam ReadinessLayouts

    This contest is a series of 8 online weekly tests in each subject from classes I - X. It is designed to prepare students for final exams, mentally and academically. This test series will be conducted online and allows students to review all attempted questions and their solutions. Registration open; entry free for early birds.
  • Speakup: Students & ParentsFeatures

    Student Speak up 2013 is an attempt to encourage students and their parents, to make useful contribution in the field of education and learning. Students from classes I - XII care invited to participate in this contest. They can choose from a set of given topics and are free to work with their parents to develop an idea (1 line) that can better our current system / prevalent practices.
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green-olympiad-science-mathNational level Olympiad in Science and Mathematics.+

1st Paperless Olympiad

with Tablets & Computers

exam-readiness-challengeOur initiative to make you Exam-ready & stress-free.+

Your Success Formula

big opportunity

student-speakup-contestShare an idea to change your world for good.+

Any Thought Leaders?

great minds; great leaders


Assessment for GenNext Kids

In today's times, smart kid is one who is not only intelligent but is aware of modern technology and has the brain to use it wisely.

Our LiveOlympiad initiative is pioneered by a group of eminent Educationists and geeks from across the country to promote Paperless Assessment using tablet, computer & cloud based technology. Come, let us take a stride forward!


Are you Exam Ready?

Exam readiness challenge is a series of online assessments in each subject for students from class I - X. The program lasts for 8 weeks, starting Dec 15, 2013 & will help you to get better prepared the final exams.

The program is a new learning format that aims at identifying individual weaknesses and provides positive feedback to students in the best possible way.


Opportunity to make a difference

We believe that students & parents can share a fresh perspective that may change things for better. This contest is an attempt to encourage them to make useful contribution to the field of education and learning.

Open for students from class II-XII, this contest encourages parents to actively participate in this activity.

About LiveOlympiad

LiveOlympiad is an assessment based learning approach for school students. Apart from improved learning, it also transforms one's overall experience. Instead of feeling stressed out and tense, students begin feeling ecstatic and motivated towards their goal/performance. 

LiveOlympiad uses assessment as a learning tool in itself. It works like a personal tutor who does not teach. Instead, who interacts with a student at every level to track one's growth process; also gives useful insights about one's strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity. It assists the student to focus at the right things at the right time.

With use of modern technology, it completely revamps the science of assessments & their potential impact on student's learning process. Apart from a large variety of assessment methods, evaluation and reporting framework is a multi-level self-analysis tool; allows student to identify the work-ons, plan focussed action and track performance over a period of time. Despite its advanced features, the set-up is completely intuitive, self explainatory and very user-friendly.

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LiveOlympiad Features

3 Enhance your learning with Assessments. +
2 Testing can be a fun experience. +
1 Self Analysis leads to better learning. +

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