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    This Olympiad program is a national level competition with school students from classes II - X. First of its kind initiative, the first level contest is conducted within the school premises with help of Tablets or PCs. Our team walks-in with a Wi-Fi setup and a Tablet for each student. Without any administrative burden on School, the 1st level test gets completed & results are declared almost real-time.
  • 2 Level ContestLayouts

    First level of Olympiad will be held at your school on any convenient date between Oct - Dec 2014. Top 10% students from each class & subject make it to the finals (National Level). Finals of Olympiad will be held in Jan 2015 within your state at the nearest feasible district / city center.
  • Unique Award StructureFeatures

    Awards are distributed so as to motivate students from each and every School. All top 10% performers at School-level Competition win Exciting Prizes and Certificates in every particular subject. These toppers from every school and subject, get a well deserved opportunity to compete at Nationals.
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green-olympiad-science-mathNational level Olympiad in Math, Science, English.+

1st Paperless Olympiad

with Tablets & Computers

exam-readiness-challengeOur initiative to make you Exam-ready & stress-free.+

Maths, Science, English

choose 1 or more subjects

student-speakup-contestGive it your best shot! See how high you can hit.+

Wanna Compete?

great minds; great achievers


Class II to X

Students who study in any class from 2 to 10 in a School located in India and affiliated by a National or State Board are eligible for participation.

Students are expected to be abreast with their school's term 1 (SA1) syllabus for the first level of contest. Detailed syllabus for both levels of contest may be downloaded from here :-
School level syllabus National level syllabus


How to Register?

Eligible students may apply for the Olympiad Program through their School authorities. We make 'LiveOlympiad Program Kit' available to the schools proactively. If not received yet, School management may contact us at 8572079117 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and demand this 'Program Kit'.

Based on school's student strength expected to participate, an equivalent number of 'Parent Circulars' are handed over for distribution amoung students. This circular has a registration form that student may fill and submit their application with one's school coordinator.


A robust Preparatory Kit for every Participant

All Registered students are provided with a CD that is pre-packaged with hundreds of practice questions from multiple topics. This are in form of 'Time-bound Practice Tests' and are designed to give the students proper exam experience.

Students who have access to the internet, also get the previledge to take timely 'Mock Tests'.


Download practice test CDs from here

About LiveOlympiad 2014 - 15

LiveOlympiad initiative by Green Olympiad Foundation, a non-profit organization formed by a group of eminent Educationists from across the country to promote Paperless Assessment using latest tablet based technology. Students from classes II to X can enrol themselves with GOF and test their English, Math and Science abilities other than prescribed syllabus and also boost their confidence. We use latest Tablet Computing Wi-Fi networking Technology to conduct LiveOlympiad within the schools' premises.

Why LiveOlympiad?

  • LiveOlympiad is a gateway for students to enter the world of English, Math and Science competitions on the wheels of technology at very tender age. This allows them to get a feel of future competitions, and understand what it takes to be on the top
  • With this competition going regional and then culminating at national level, the kind of exposure the students will get is phenomenal
  • Students get their result immediately which keeps their enthusiasm on for the next level
  • All the fun and learn in the process
  • GOF equips school with practice modules for each and every class on their website to be offered to students throughout the year to keep training them for greater future. Modules are offered using cloud based technology
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LiveOlympiad Features

3 Enhance your learning with Assessments. +
2 Testing can be a fun experience. +
1 Self Analysis leads to better learning. +